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Small Deposit. Big Results.

If you are tired of paying rent and dreaming about having your own home but are struggling to save for the huge deposit the banks are asking you, you came to the right place!

Everyone deserves the freedom to own their own home. The only issue is that many still assume that in order to do so they have to save up for those big deposits. Our goal is to change your perspective on that with our Small Deposit Strategy.

Instead of investing in someone else’s assets, why not start investing in yours? The average rent is costing $450 per week or $23,000 per year towards someone else’s mortgage…with rent prices going up, imagine how much that will add up in the future.

It’s easier with us.

With our strategy, Aussies are finally able to own their own home with the smallest possible deposit.

They are able to achieve that not only as a result of our strategy being easy and effective, but also because we are gifting $10,000 to each one of our clients to help their dreams become reality.

Our team will be by your side every step of the way, making your journey towards home ownership easier and stress free.

How does it get done?2020-10-18T01:14:01+10:00

The Banks are offering incredibly low interest rates. Buying your home now may turn out cheaper than renting. However, a good finance application and strategy to start is imperative.

Here’s a basic overview of what you need to know.

  • Proof of Savings: if you cannot prove that you can save money on a consistent basis it will limit your options for loans. However, it is not necessarily impossible.
  • Money discipline: a budget and strong application all become part of your life going forward. How much do you have saved now? (You will need a minimum of $40,000 saved. In some cases, a guarantor may help.)
  • Transferring goods to cash: we have noticed that people have sold no longer needed or wanted gear in order to help to create a stronger deposit.
  • Grants are real help: (They are available until the 31st of December 2020) They do get added to your equation in order to apply for finance.
  • If a grant is not available to you, we can still assist you with a strategy, a budget or through a guarantee loan.
  • Our $10,000 Support: you may qualify for the support. We will only know once your application is fully assessed. This is only offered to buyers who acquire an approved new home packages and source finance through our team.
  • Specialised Lenders: low deposit finance loans are everywhere in many shapes and forms, so finding a suitable home loan for you is what we will focus on among our 40+ different sources of finance.
How do we help?2020-10-18T01:11:45+10:00

With our Small Deposit Strategy, you will achieve home ownership sooner. And here’s how we will help you:

  • Support from our team every step of the way;
  • We not only help you access Government grants and incentives, but we are also gifting you with a $10,000 bonus*;
  • Get assessed for free to know how much you are eligible to borrow;
  • We have a variety of home designs specifically to suit you and your budget;
  • Our homes are high quality, fully turnkey and have a fixed price guarantee for that extra peace of mind;
  • We will assist you with your home loan – we have access to the best lenders with affordable repayments for our Small Deposit Strategy.

Anyone that has a stable income, good credit rating and their bills paid on time qualifies. In other words, anyone that is able to service a mortgage. If this is not your case, we can still help you with strategies that will fast track your way to home ownership.

Can I really achieve this?2020-10-18T01:09:09+10:00

Of course! Our strategy was designed so that anyone can easily start their journey towards home ownership.

The process is really simple, and our Own Home Rocket Kit will tell you everything you need to know about it.

If you like what you see you can contact us, and we will take the next step with you!


So let’s get going! 

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