About us.

First Home Solutions is an initiative of Asset Realty Pty. Ltd. and JDL Group of companies which is aligned by JDL Strategies Pty. Ltd. and JDL Finance Pty. Ltd.

JDL Finance is one of Australia’s fastest growing and most innovative finance companies. The JDL team have created First Home Solutions as we are committed to delivering the highest levels of service along with access to information and education to help you to make informed decisions.

JDL Strategies has helped thousands of everyday Australians build wealth through customised strategies that work, and now, First Home Solutions will help you understand and see what is possible for you, helping you make educated decisions regarding your financial future.

To help you in this journey you will have a team of specialists at your disposal. Financial experts that you can trust will be by your side to look after every aspect of your financial life with you.

JDL Group is a client focused business that works with each client at a time, a client for life. It is important that you anchor that point right now in your heart and in your mind. Your future financial success depends upon it!

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